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Modern Aerated Concrete Block Single Story House Plans

Проект Давинчи-119 вид сзади

We present single-storey house plans made of autoclave aerated concrete blocks in a modern style. Houses made of aerated concrete, built without additional insulation, are ideal for areas with mild climate and a big difference in day and night temperatures, allowing house to store solar heat during the day and give it inside the room at night, reducing the cost of heating and air conditioning. To reduce construction costs, use a slab foundation.It's the easier to use stucco or brick cladding. If the budget is limited, you can put brick only to the exterior facade, and stucco on the rest of the facades. Layouts in the single-storey house plans made of aerated concrete can be used any, but you need to think carefully about what is best for you not only now, but also taking into account possible changes in the your family, since it will be difficult to rebuild houses from aerated concrete.

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