With a small budget for the construction of a house or the guest house is well suited modern single-story house plans up to 1000 square feet. This is because the modern house plan is built with a flat, one-pitch, or simple gable roof. Such roofs are relatively inexpensive due to the simplicity of the construction. In addition, the common areas of the living room and kitchen-dining room are combined into one great room, reducing the cost of partitions and increasing the total area. In single-story house plans of up to 1000 square feet, you are unlikely to find more than three small bedrooms. Instead of partitions between the bedrooms, it is better to make built-in closets that will soundproof the adjacent bedrooms well. The master bedroom in the single-story house plan up to 1000 square feet. Architects try to locate a master bedroom in the distance from other bedrooms or make a master bedroom with a large bathroom or a walk-in closet.
Any small one-story house plan can be completed later if you need a large area of ​​the house.

 The spacious kitchen and large room were designed as one continuous open-plan space. In the main living area, the ceiling is higher, which increases the volume of the room. The kitchen opens onto a covered corner veranda that can become a covered veranda.

Small Modern House Plan with two bedrooms and alfresco

Photo and layout of prefabricated house in a modern high-tech style. House with three bedrooms and an open plan living area with panoramic windows overlooking the terrace.

An Example of Finished Prefabricated House with 3 Bedrooms

Modern villa for summer residence with a sauna. The area is only 78 sq.m and the sauna is 24 sq.m. Panoramic frameless windows.

Modern villa - four corners from Avanto Architects Finland