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Purist Life Style


Purist living

More and more people are succumbing to the charms of purism, especially when it comes to interior design. But what's so special about purist design? We have looked into this question and would like to explain purist living in more detail and give tips on furnishing an apartment with furniture and the right finishes.

Purist lifestyle in details

In the purist lifestyle, there is an important statement: less is more. However, this applies not only to the most necessary furniture but also to the clarity of lines and delicate colors. This is the only way to achieve a spectacular elegance that immediately charms the viewer. Next, we would like to take a closer look at purist living with its materials and preferred colors, so that other lifestyles can also perfectly match purism.

What does a purist lifestyle mean?

A purist lifestyle is basically an internal attitude that leads people from excess back to the original. This basic philosophical attitude is known from Asia as well as from Roman times. Nowadays, the purist style of furniture is often found in spaces of a wellness nature.

Purist living is about well-being and relaxation, not about boring and uncomfortable rooms. Rather, it is about minimalism in an environment designed to soothe not only the eyes but also the senses and the psyche.

What does a home furnished in purist style look like?

Purist furniture gives a home a visual sense of peace and security. The purist style of furnishing is especially effective in a bright, spacious, and open home.

This form of minimalism focuses not only on a few pieces of furniture but also on the room and its walls. In a purist-furnished home, there is no bright wallpaper, bright colors, or countless decorative items. Rather, the overall picture is dominated by a few specially chosen colors and clean lines. Which color to use depends on the personal taste of the occupants. While some prefer white furniture and accessories, others prefer beige, gray, anthracite, eggplant, or even black. All that matters is that the harmony is just right. A small number of accents are allowed, as patterns that are too eye-catching can quickly lead to sensory overload.

The Great Room in Purist Style

When decorating in the style of minimalism, it is not necessary to completely do without decorative objects; in fact, you can consciously set accents with the help of purposeful pictures, indoor plants, and candles.

In the choice of materials, there is complete freedom. The use of different materials is popular. Wood creates a warm and natural atmosphere, while glass, steel, and stone emphasize elegance.

The cherry on the cake in a puristically furnished home is indirect light sources, for which individual floor lamps are very suitable.

What colors are preferred in a purist lifestyle?

Opinions differ regarding colors in purist furniture styles. While some deliberately choose white with few accents, others rely on dark colors. In minimalism, both are allowed, but on the condition that they avoid anything colorful and bright.
To avoid sensory overload, white, black, beige, anthracite, gray, and eggplant colors are very popular. Monochrome products are preferred. Nevertheless, a subtle combination of colors is also possible. It is only important that the eye of the viewer is not subjected to excessive strain.

What materials are important for the finish?

Especially in minimalist furniture, obvious quality and high workmanship are important. This means that eccentric materials have no place here.
The interior in purism is given a certain structure and depth by special materials, and at the same time, tension is created. This is best achieved by skillfully combining silk, cotton, linen, and cashmere.

The purist effect of furniture is achieved through the living warmth of wood combined with materials such as glass, stone, and chromed steel.

The motto of purism is not only "less is more", but also "quality instead of quantity". Rough materials can be combined with soft surfaces. The interaction of different textures of furniture and accessories eliminates the austerity of a purist home and brings homey coziness to it.

Purist lifestyle in practice

Of course, that was a lot of information about the term "purist living". Below, we would like to give tips on how to place this furniture and how to combine it with other lifestyles.

How can a purist lifestyle be realized?

Purist furniture itself is easy to realize. Thanks to this furniture trend, life is reduced to the essentials. However, this does not mean that no decorations are allowed in this living room; single candlesticks, simple indoor plants, and a few paintings complete the overall concept. For this reason, attention should always be paid to the fact that less is better and that first-class interior quality is always important.

Tips for implementing the purist living style

In addition to the high-quality materials already mentioned, purism depends on the following points to implement the living trend in your own four walls:

Architectural details: clean open spaces create order and clarity in the apartment. Key architectural details include high ceilings, open floor plans, and windows. Smaller details include flat panels instead of door handles on cabinets, and not just in the living room.

A touch of luxury is symbolized by high-end materials such as marble, copper, brass, wood, and concrete. This gives the home character and context, which, combined with a modern feel, makes for natural style in homes.

Restrained colors: white is an important trademark of minimalism. Recently, muted colors have also been welcomed in interior design. Adding one or two accent colors gives the room a touch of personality.

Contrasts in textures and shapes are crucial, as they add visual meaning and elevate spaces to the next level.

Lighting design: natural light should be utilized whenever possible. Subdued light sources provide an atmospheric mood during twilight.

How can the purist living style be combined with other living styles?
Purist living does not mean that the entire house has to be redesigned immediately. In many cases, it is sufficient if a person consciously decides on a specific room and designs it puristically.

In the living room, this can be a fabric or leather set in the middle of the room. Pillows are not to be found here; at best, a warming blanket lies ready. The floor consists of tiles or wood, as well as a flat carpet. On the wall there is a shelf with books, and next to it there is a closed wall unit. At the windows, there are no curtains, but at most roller blinds.

In the bedroom, on the other hand, there is only a bed and a closet. There are no superfluous pillows, and the bed linen is simple and discreet. The whole thing is complemented by long curtains in white and white bedspreads.

What are the advantages of purist living?

The main advantage is the chic and trendy look. Other advantages include:

Quality: This involves avoiding unnecessary frills and buying only the furniture that is really needed and of high quality.

Appreciation: When furnishing, value is placed on selected pieces, which then consciously become the focus of the furnishings. Unnecessary clutter is a no-go.

Clarity: The minimalist furnishings consciously provide relaxation and well-being in their own four walls.

Conclusion: Why purist living is becoming increasingly popular
In purist living, people focus on the essentials. The home is furnished elegantly and design-oriented. The highest value is placed on quality rather than quantity. As before, less is more. This not only provides space in the home but also emphasizes one's own style.


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