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Modern Building Materials

Modern house plans are shown to your attention. Beautiful Hitech-style homes can be seen here. You will learn about new technologies for building private homes and find design and architecture ideas popular in all countries.

Should you build ICF house or traditional frame one?

ICF houses are structurally safer. ICF homes can withstand natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods than conventional frame homes.

Continuous formwork with polystyrene foam (ICF) - the future of reliable and comfortable houses

Advantages of building monolithic-concrete houses with insulated concrete formwork in comparison with concrete block and frame houses.

What materials to use to insulate the house

When choosing a thermal insulation material for a house, apartment, or cottage, homeowners face many ambiguous comments and recommendations. It is not…

Types of decorative plaster

Types of plaster. Reviews and design solutions using decorative plaster.

Smart materials

Want to know modern building and home materials? We suggest studying the properties of facade materials, which allow you to create reliable and truly…

Modern Facade Materials - High-pressure laminate HPL

High-pressure laminate HPL is durable and unpretentious material. HPL is excellent for modern facades. Read the review, features, and properties.…

Modern Facade Materials - The Fiber cement siding

Fiber cement siding is a product based on wood fibers, sand, and portland cement. It uses the autoclave method of production. It is durable and…

Modern Facade Materials - WPC Thermo Wood

Wood-Plastic Composites (WPC) or thermo-wood are produced by mixing sawdust and heated thermoplastic resin. This is an excellent material for facades,…

Modern facade materials in architecture and design - timber cladding

The façade of the carriage, timber cladding and wooden siding is an unusually popular choice for facing commercial and residential buildings.…


Modern two story house with different facade cladding design

Compact two-storey house made of aerated concrete in a modern style

Two-story high-tech house plan

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