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Modern house plans are shown to your attention. Beautiful Hitech-style homes can be seen here. You will learn about new technologies for building private homes and find design and architecture ideas popular in all countries.

Is air conditioning an ancient invention?

It is hard to imagine, but such a valuable invention of humanity as an air conditioner is more than 2 thousand years old! Even the ancient Persians…

The Smart Home system in modern life

Home Automation, which appeared in the 1980s as a separate experiment, is no longer a fantasy, and now everyone can use this system in their home.

Ventilation in an energy - efficient modern house

How to calculate ventilation during construction. Why heat exchangers are the first in ventilation of a house or apartment


Modern two-story house with a basement for mountainous terrain

Modern three-story house plan with a flat roof

Modern two-storey house of hollow ceramic block

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