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Brick House Plans With Garage

Modern brick house plans are not the most popular, because for the construction of a brick house it is necessary to spend a considerable amount of money. ​​​​​​​The brick house is a durable building and it is necessary to build it so that in 200 years this house looked beautiful and was convenient for future inhabitants. Brick houses are difficult to rebuild, therefore, refer to the choice of a brick house plan with special care. Try to choose a strict and simple plan of a brick house, then it will be in fashion for many years to come. Be inspired by the ideas by looking at several modern plans of high-tech brick houses, in styles Bauhaus and Cubism, which we picked up for you.

Фасад дома Lynix

Modern ICF house plan with basement and garage

The single-story house plan has many metals that shed roofs with low slope and combine facade cladding made of fiber-cement siding: vertical and…

Modern single story brick house plan for a narrow lot: The Dune House

A modern single story house plan for a narrow lot with two car garage and four bedrooms. This contemporary house plans provided with photos.

Contemporary two-story house with a two car garage and two living rooms on the each floor

The Beaumont is two-floor modern house with four bedrooms and two car garage. From the porch, an entry hall gives access to a study and home theatre…

Contemporary brick house plans with a garage

Modern brick house plans with a garage is the choice of wealthy and held people. You are on the right track if you want to build a modern house made…

Modern brick house plans

Modern brick house plans are not the most popular, because for the construction of a brick house it is necessary to spend a considerable amount of…

The modern two-storey house Lynix with a garage and a balcony

A stylish modern two-storey brick house with a garage and a swimming pool by the terrace. Disposition with 4 bedrooms. The project is from Australian…

Contemporary two-storey house plan with a living room and a kitchen on the second floor

This aptly named 2-storey house - Premier provides a very luxurious, very modern and very comfortable life, unlimited with the space of a narrow…

Modern One-storey Brick House: The Eastyn House

Modern one level house plan made for built a brick house. Large windows make this house hospitable. Three bedrooms house is suitable for a small…

Modern two-storey house plan Prestige from Indian architects K Square

A modern two-storey house with a terrace on the second floor, a garage and 4 bedrooms from the Indian architectural bureau K Square for a family of a…


Modern frame house with a flat roof and panoramic windows

Two-story modern flat-roof house plan with four bedrooms and a 2-car garage

3 bedrooms modern house plan with conservatory

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