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Modern Two Story House Plans With Garage

If you are only thinking about buying a modern house plan, then consider the idea of ​​a two-storey house plan with a garage. There are different options for combining the garage with the house. You can choose a two-story house plan with a attached garage; such a plan is often chosen by owners of narrow lots.

Проект Premiere

Two-story house plan with a basement in Hitech style for a site on a slope

Modern two-storey house with a basement designed for construction in hilly terrain. This project with panoramic glazing and single pitch roofs with…

Modern two-story house plan with 6 bedrooms, sauna and study with a hip roof

The modern style of the two-story cottage with a basement is felt everywhere, both outside and in the internal layout.

Two-story monolithic house (ICF) in a modern style

The two-story house with a modern façade and extensive glazing has a two-car garage, 4-5 bedrooms, and a luxurious living and kitchen area layout.

Modern two-story house plan with a second floor decks and sauna: The Luxhaus

Modern two-story house plan with a garage, large office and two second floor decks. This house plan provides three bedroom and a large bathroom with a…

Modern house plan with corner panoramic windows, balcony and the 2nd floor bedrooms

The plan for a modern 1161 sq. ft. two-story home optimally includes a well-designed floor plan with enough room for both a spacious living room and…

Plan of a modern frame house, with panoramic windows and a spacious terrace

Thanks to the wooden frame, this modern house is multifunctional and straightforward in its own way. The plastered and light-coloured exterior walls…

Plan of an aerated concrete house with a hip roof and a built-in garage in a modern style

The cube shape of the house, the walls of which are made of aerated concrete, plastered and painted in a light tone, is covered with a practical hip…

Plan for a modern two-story aerated concrete house with a 2-car garage

The hipped roof with a shallow pitch and beautiful overhangs is robust and practical. Large windows, and some in the corner of the house, illuminate…

Modern two-family detached frame house with carport

A-frame modern duplex designed to be built on a small plot. The two-story plan with panoramic windows and a chic layout will ensure comfortable living…

Modern two-story frame house with 10 x 10 panoramic windows

The exciting plan of the modern house excites the imagination with its architectural design - a semi-circular wall with extensive glazing extending…

Plan for a two-story flat-roofed high-tech house

The frame house in a modern style impresses with its façade. Large floor-to-ceiling windows, white plastered walls, and, of course, a full-wall…

The plan for an ICF formwork house with high-tech technology

This is a classic-looking house, but the modern style is present in both the construction technology and the design of the façade and interior.


Chic Modern House Plan with a Roof Garden and Deck above the Garage

Contemporary House Plan with Two-Story Ceilings and Sun Room

Successful balance of tradition and modernity

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