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Design Of Modern Living Room

Modern house plans are shown to your attention. Beautiful Hitech-style homes can be seen here. You will learn about new technologies for building private homes and find design and architecture ideas popular in all countries.

Aquarium in the interior.

Usually, acquire aquariums for breeding fish. Use in filling the living space with exotic animals - a new direction, but as they say, well-forgotten…

Three options for finishing the ceiling

The ceiling space looks beautiful after application of different art-making moldings or installing decorative beams.

Living room in minimalist style

Design ideas living room in a minimalist style with photos. Furniture and decor for the interior in a modern style.

15 Ideas For the Built-in Fireplace

A modern fireplace is both a room decoration and a necessity—ideas for modern decorating the wall, which you can build in a fireplace furnace.

Modern living room design ideas

The minimalist interior emphasizes the open layout of common areas, the privacy of the bedrooms and the unity with the environment. In modern…

Modern interior design ideas for the living room

Modern trends in the living room design from architects and designers from three continents using the same principle of organization of space and the…


Modern House Plan with a Glass Garage Door

Modern two-story frame house with 10 x 10 panoramic windows

Modern single story brick house plan for a narrow lot: The Dune House

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