Many developers like similar house plans. The flat roof and straight walls give a modern flair to these houses. This plan has the important distinction of being very compactly planned on a small plot of land yet fully meeting all the needs of comfortable living. The free planning has created a generous communal area on the ground floor. In contrast, panoramic glazing has been used to visually enhance the living and dining areas, removing the boundaries between the house and the natural surroundings. The first floor houses three bedrooms with two practical en-suite bathrooms, all with their original window units, each room well lit and ventilated.

The architect's requirements for constructing multiple cantilevers and panoramic windows must be considered when building this house. The construction of a frame house does not require a great deal of expense, but it is advisable to use high-quality and durable insulation and finishing materials. By observing the conditions and remarks of the project author, the house will not cause any unexpected problems for the homeowner in the future.

Floor Plans

Plan Details

The house with two floor
Bedrooms: 3
Garage Type: no garage
Total Heated Area: 1660 sq.ft
1st Floor: 864 sq.ft
2nd Floor — 796 sq.ft
Width — 37′1″
Depth — 32′6″
Roof — flat
Bathrooms: 3
Wall framing — wood frame
Cladding: stucco, stone
Foundation type — Slab
Outdoor living: Deck, Balcony
Windows: panoramic windows
Max Ridge Height 19′8″

Most visitors are trying to find a modern house plan that best meets their individual needs. Suppose that some method of the house deserves your attention. You share with the author some vision of the future home concept. Still, there is disagreement on the choice of material to build, change the size of the building and interior layout, adding your exciting living space, and many other issues that meet only your wishes - what will be your future home!

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