Every architect designs a house to attract the attention of potential clients, so he creates something new and unusual in the design or the interior. In our case, an old element is included that serves the new and practical requirements of the developers. It is a simple staircase, which initially leads to the first floor. What's the catch here? When we look closely at the layout of this project, we can immediately see that the staircase serves as a dividing line between the house parts, which means that the house can be lived in independently of the other occupants. 

The house's exterior is not remarkably different from other similar plans, with large windows, light straight walls with decorative elements. The flat roof and panoramic glazing of the ground floor entrances are modern in style and easy to design and build. The open floor plan on the ground floor fully meets the needs of the common areas, where there is cozy and light and easy access to the open courtyard. The house divided by a staircase is suitable for a complete bedroom with a dressing room and workspace. The first floor is a bedroom with en-suite bathrooms and showers, and a landing also separates the two wings. A very efficient solution, with a staircase in this plan of a modern house, will help a family with different generations live in such a house and organize a mini-hotel in the resort area. 
Due to the rising price of construction materials, we recommend building this house with permanent formwork. Two layers of polystyrene foam and a monolithic wall will create a modern, energy-efficient home efficiently, cheaply, and quickly.

Floor Plans

Plan Details

The house with two floor
Bedrooms: 4
Garage Type: no garage
Total Heated Area: 2235 sq.ft
1st Floor: 1156 sq.ft
2nd Floor — 1000 sq.ft
Width — 47′1″
Depth — 44′12″
Roof — shed, flat
Bathrooms: 2
Wall framing — concrete, ICF
Cladding: stucco, Art stucco
Foundation type — Slab
Outdoor living: courtyard, 2nd Floor Deck
Windows: large windows, panoramic windows
Max Ridge Height 0′0″

Most visitors are trying to find a modern house plan that best meets their individual needs. Suppose that some method of the house deserves your attention. You share with the author some vision of the future home concept. Still, there is disagreement on the choice of material to build, change the size of the building and interior layout, adding your exciting living space, and many other issues that meet only your wishes - what will be your future home!

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