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Two-story Contemporary House Plan with Drive Under Garage

  • Lots of transom windows bring extra light into this splendid Contemporary house plan.
  • Designed for a sloping lot, the drive-under garage opens to a finished mudroom with lots of storage closets.
  • On the main floor, the big, open living area expands the feeling of spaciousness.
  • Back to back fireplaces warm the great room and the covered deck, with an uncovered patio if you want to work on your tan.
  • A guest bedroom gains privacy from being the only bedroom on this floor.
  • Upstairs, the den becomes another bedroom if needed, adding flexibility.

The concrete foundation for the frame house will be much cheaper than for a massive house. Built by steps, it allows a part of the foundation wall to be built using framing, making the house cheaper and warmer. In this house, there is a drive under garage for two cars and a number of storage rooms. The basement allows unloading the residential floors from rarely used items, hiding them in the storage rooms.

It is also better to place heating equipment in the basement. It will be away from clean rooms and works more efficiently, as heat rises upward without additional pumps and fans.

Modern double-glazed windows with three and even five glasses, filled with gas, allow the use of panoramic windows and transom windows, without prejudice to the heating system. Daylight is more useful for the nervous system and for the eyes. Having placed a house with panoramic windows facing the south side, you can get additional solar heating for free.

The fireplace in the living room creates a mood and coziness in the cool evenings. To create it, a built-in furnace with zero clearance is used. Zero clearance means that it can be placed close to the wooden structures. Such a fireplace does not require a foundation. It is simply built into a wooden or metal frame, with the attached cladding. Look at the different ways of decorating the wall around the fireplace and the chimneys.

The kitchen-dining room, inscribed in the total area of the large room, allows guests and hosts to move freely from the living room to the dining room or to the breakfast bar in the kitchen. If two or three people have breakfast, it often does not make sense to cover the dining table. It is quite convenient to sit at the kitchen island with an elevated snack bar. This bar hides the sink built into the kitchen island countertop and protects from splashing when washing plates. A dishwasher is mounted under the countertop. All this contributes to the quick cleaning of the dining table from dirty dishes. Some owners have a gas or electric hob on the kitchen island. This is also convenient, especially if the owners like to cook for their guests. During the frying, you can communicate without stopping from the stove.

This house fully utilizes the slope of the site to make the patio on several levels. On the steps, heated by the sun, you can also sit. Barbecue grills and a table with wicker chairs are installed here.

Around the house is made a blind area, covered with gravel, in order not to let the grass close to the house. It is necessary to make a blind area necessarily, only it is not necessary to concreate it. Concrete is cracked by freezing and thawing and then the blind does not work, passing rainwater or meltwater under the foundation. Rain spray bounces off from concrete or asphalt too and can moisten the wall of the house.

A covered terrace with a fireplace will become your favorite holiday destination. It's so nice to sit on the wooden terrace admiring the flames and the surrounding landscape. Views of the surroundings will be stunning if you have a terrace on the second level. Therefore, the house plan for a sloping lot will present many amenities and benefits that will not be available to owners of flat sites.

Floor Plans

Plan Details

House двухэтажный
Bedrooms — три
Garage Type: two car garage, drive-under garage
Total Heated Area: 210.4 sq.m
1st Floor: 94.2 sq.m
2nd Floor — 68.5 sq.m
Dimensions — 10 х 13,4 м
Roof — shed roof
Wall framing — каркас
Cladding: wood siding
Foundation type — Daylight Basement
Outdoor living: Deck, Patio
Windows: panoramic windows, clerestory windows
Сауна —

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