Modern House Heating

Advantages of building monolithic-concrete houses with insulated concrete formwork in comparison with concrete block and frame houses.

Insulated concrete forms

Types of plaster. Reviews and design solutions with application of decorative plaste

Decorative stucco

Infrared heaters are used for heating not only residential but also industrial premises, due to low power consumption. Set the source of heat directing a heated place.

Infrared heating of the house

How to calculate ventilation during construction. Why heat exchangers are the first in ventilation of a house or apartment

Ventilation in an energy - efficient modern house

While LED (light emitting diodes) lights have been touted as a solution for our lighting needs in the 21st century, not all experts are on board with the idea. World leading photobiologist Alexander Wunsch, for one, believes that LED lights...

Photobiologists warn: LED lights are harmful to health

What is a filament LED lamp and how do they affect human health? What to choose a simple LED or a filament bulb?

Ecological light

What are ground source pumps? The advantages of ground source heat pumps. Installation and running costs of ground source heat pumps. How to install ground source heat pumps. What ground conditions do I need for installation?

Are Ground Source Heat Pumps Good For My Home?

 Solar collectors for water heating: comparative characteristics of the efficiency and reliability of the solar collector for the home, which is better?

Solar collectors - what type to choose?

The development of solar energy in private homes in Russia, investment programs for the use of solar panels in private homes.

Solar energy - the prospect of independence in a Russian modern home

Modern technologies for using solar energy for heating the house and heating water. Comparison of options for using solar heat to create a passive house.

Solar energy for modern house heating