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Modern villa - four corners from Avanto Architects Finland

Villa Four Corners is a reliable modern cottage for hollydays built in Finland in a place called Virrat. The cottege was built according to the design of the architectural bureau Avanto Architects.

This simple house in the form of a cross gives four different landscapes. The site is located on an island in the shape of a horseshoe. Beautiful views are located on the north and west sides. The architects created an open space for the cottage, and at the same time zoned it.


The external cladding of the facade and the roof of the black color contrasts with the bright interior. From the side of the lake the house is completely invisible due to the dark cladding of the facade. The roof is flat - not an amazing cliche in modern architecture.

Architects have provided a very warm envelope from the foam polyurethane, so that this house can be heated by small wood-burning stoves, which are visible in many photographs. In this house there are only solar panels that provide electricity. There is no running water. Vegetables and greens are grown around the house, and Lake Vaskivesi nearby is famous for its fishing.

The cost of this plan is about 150 000 euros, which in Russia is likely to be twice cheaper.

 http://kuvio.com / Anders Portman and Martin Sommerschield

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Plan Details

House одноэтажный
Bedrooms — одна
Garage Type: without garage
Total Heated Area: 78 sq.m
1st Floor: 78 sq.m
2nd Floor — sq.m
Dimensions — м
Roof — flat roof
Wall framing — каркас
Cladding: wood siding
Foundation type — Piles
Outdoor living: Deck
Windows: panoramic windows

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