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Two-story modern house plan with a first floor bedroom

This modern two-storey house was designed by the architectural bureau "Rodwin architecture" for optimal use of solar energy, while offering panoramic views of the landscape from both floors. The western terrace adjoins a spacious living room, kitchen and dining room, creating a fantastic opportunity for living in the fresh air.


A modern two-storey house with a combined facade is made with an open plan that allows you to feel relaxed. The main rooms are located around the kitchen, where a huge island will become a favorite place for meetings. The fireplace adds a cozy atmosphere to the neighboring living room, while the open dining room looks like wait special dishes from the chef.

The guest bedroom and bathroom are hidden in the upper right corner of the plan. Nearby, a den can easily become a private living room for an elderly relative. Three more bedrooms are on the upper floor, including a master bedroom with a well-equipped bathroom, a dressing room and a balcony. The laundry is located on the same floor for convenience.

pen plan of the first floor with a terrace and two rooms for guests.

План 1 этажа дома Upland


Second floor plan with three bedrooms and laundry

План 2 этажа дома Upland


Ссылка rodwinarch

Plan Details

House двухэтажный
Bedrooms — четыре
Garage Type: attached garage, two car garage
Total Heated Area: 306.7 sq.m
1st Floor: 179.7 sq.m
2nd Floor — 127 sq.m
Dimensions — 28,7 х 16,3 м
Roof — hip roof
Wall framing — каркас
Cladding: wood siding, stucco, stone
Foundation type — Crawlspace
Outdoor living: Deck, Patio, Balcony
Windows: panoramic windows

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