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Modern single story house plans with three bedrooms

Up-Sloping Two-Level Modern House Plan with Rec Room and Drive-Under 2-Car Garage

Contemporary Scandinavian House Plan with Open-concept Living Space

Modern 3 bedroom single story house with wall of glass

3 bedroom Small modern house plan with flat roof

3 bedrooms modern house plan and wintergarden

Bright and spacious bungalow with 3 bedrooms

Modern solar powered bungalow plan

Inexpensive 4-bedroom high-tech home plan for a sloping lot

Modern flat-roof house plan with carport

Modern 3-bedroom single-roof house plan with garage

Modern House Plan with a Glass Garage Door

One-Story Modern Home Plan with Separated Living and Sleeping Spaces

Single-storey house plans with three bedrooms are the most often chosen type of modern house. Even if only one person lives in the house, he or she maybe need two extra bedrooms for guests. And if a family with children lives in the house, then in modern families there are rarely more than two children.

One storey house plans with three bedrooms are most needed by older spouses. Older people often prefer to sleep in separate rooms. The third bedroom is useful for visiting relatives or for a nurse if someone gets sick. The presence of an extra bedroom is especially important for country or country houses, when it is difficult, even by car, to leave late in the evening. Wherever possible, build a house with an extra room.


Modern Rancho House Plan For Spectacular Views

Up-Sloping Two-Level Modern House Plan with Rec Room and Drive-Under 2-Car Garage

3-Bed Modern Prairie House Plan

Small single floor house with a courtyard in Wright's style

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