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Alternative Power Sources For Home Electricity

Modern home plans are shown here. Beautiful Hitech houses can be seen here. You will learn about new technologies for building private homes and find design and architectural ideas popular in all countries.

How to provide your home with uninterrupted power

More and more people decide in advance to take care of a constant electricity supply in their home. In the event of a major power outage for various…

The Smart Home system in modern life

Home Automation, which appeared in the 1980s as a separate experiment, is no longer a fantasy, and now everyone can use this system in their home.

Photobiologists warn: LED lights are harmful to health

While LED (light-emitting diodes) lights have been touted as a solution for our lighting needs in the 21st century, not all experts are on board with…

Ecological light

What is a filament LED lamp, and how does it affect human health? What to choose a simple LED or a filament bulb?


Modern House Plan for a Side-Sloping Lot

Modern two-story timber house plan with a sauna

Modern single story 2 bedroom house plan without garage

Modern 300 Square Meter House Plan with 4 Beds and 2-Story Great Room

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