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Two Story Wood Frame House Plans

When we have a small lot and a large family, we need a two-storey house to make the family comfortable. The best solution is to build a two-storey modern frame house. A two-storey frame house is easier and faster to build than a house made of stone materials, thanks to the wooden floor of the second floor. The useful area of ​​the frame house will also be larger by several square meters due to thinner, and warmer walls. The simplicity of design of two-storey houses in modern style is also better suited to a modern family - straight lines of walls and roofs, simple and functional decoration of the facade and interior lead to a reduction in the cost and time of construction of any house. Look at the layouts and photos of the modern double floor houses from leading architects from around the world to get an idea of ​​your future home.

Панорамное остекление в современном доме Nicolas Lee

Modern house plan with corner panoramic windows, balcony and the 2nd floor bedrooms

The plan of the modern two-storey house 106 sq.m. optimally includes a well-thought-out layout, where there is enough space for a spacious living room…

Plan of a modern frame house, with panoramic windows and a spacious terrace

Thanks to the wooden frame, this modern house is multifunctional and straightforward in its own way. The plastered and light-coloured exterior walls…

Modern two-family detached frame house with carport

A-frame modern duplex designed to be built on a small plot. The two-storey plan with panoramic windows and a chic layout will ensure comfortable…

Plan of a 2-storey frame house with panoramic windows and bay windows in a modern style

This modern house plan has an enchanting appeal with its architecture, from a distance reminiscent of the ancient style. A hip hip roof with large…

Modern house with a huge panoramic window on the console

Like a giant telescope, the residents of this house can see the surrounding landscape from the second-floor console, as they have a view of nature…

A modern home with a high-tech home automation system - the smart home

Plan of a framed house with gable roof and attic balcony with extended glazing on the ground floor.

A modern two-storey flat-roof house for a small plot

Plan for a two-storey, modern-style, frame-built house. Three bedrooms are placed on the first floor next to two bathrooms. The entire ground floor is…

Modern two-storey frame house with 10 x 10 panoramic windows

The exciting plan of the modern house excites the imagination with its architectural design - a semi-circular wall with extensive glazing extending…

Plan for a two-storey flat-roofed high-tech house

The frame house in a modern style impresses with its façade. Large floor-to-ceiling windows, white plastered walls and, of course, a full-wall balcony…

Modern Finnish house with great planning

Many people dream of a well made plan of a Finnish house with a modern and memorable design. Take a look at the Finnish house plan called "Kemijärvi",…

Plan for a two-story house for a sloping plot in a modern style

A superb plan for a modern home designed by an architect with a great love for bold and exclusive design solutions. Everything here is so spectacular…

Modern City Villa with Style

The classic city ​​villa architecture is still prevalent. This house plan promises spacious living on two full floors. Its trendy colour and material…


Inexpensive 4-bedroom high-tech home plan for a sloping lot

An Example of Finished Prefabricated House with 3 Bedrooms

Plan for a two-story house for a sloping plot in a modern style

Compact two-storey house made of aerated concrete in a modern style

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