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Modern single storey house plans with garage

Plan of a two-bedroom frame single-storey house

Barn house Style Plan For an Up Slopping lot

Modern 3-bedroom single-roof house plan with garage

Modern House Plan with a Glass Garage Door

One-Story Modern Home Plan with Separated Living and Sleeping Spaces

Contemporary Home with Lots of Glass

Modern Getaway Retreat in Mountains

Modern ICF house plan with basement and garage

Modern style bungalow with large windows

3-Bed Modern Prairie House Plan

Modern single story brick house plan for a narrow lot: The Dune House

Modern one-story L-shaped house with an interesting facade in Barwon

A modern house is difficult to imagine without a built-in garage because it is difficult to live away from shops, schools, and work without a car, so the architects develop single-story house plans with an attached garage for one, two, and more cars.
 Imagine how hard it is to sit in a cold or a hot car in the sun to go on business. The garage is not a luxury, but a necessity in the single-story house. And the best solution is a garage built into the total volume of the house, so out of the car, you would immediately be under the roof.
A garage is also a place for storing car supplies, seasonal things, and a hobby shop. Very often in the garage of a single-story house, there is a utility room, separating the technical zone from the living quarters.
Single-story house plans with a garage allow you to build a house a bit cheaper than with a detached garage and a bit more expensive than absolutely without a garage. Therefore, we advise you to choose a modern one-story house plan with a garage.


Modern style bungalow with large windows

Plan of a two-bedroom frame single-storey house

Large modern one-storey house plan with stone cladding: the Hobb's architect

Barn house Style Plan For an Up Slopping lot

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