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Modern one-story L-shaped house with an interesting facade in Barwon

The L-shaped house was built in Australia in a place called Barwon. An interesting design of the facade is lined with vertical wooden siding. In the living room, the roof forms an inclined ceiling lined with a lining. There is a narrow pool between the master bedroom and the garden, so you can swim without observing neighbors.

The project of the house is designed by the Australian architect bureau Bower.

Modern one-story L-shaped house in Barvon Australia

Modern kitchen with white island at Villa Barvon in Australia

In this modern kitchen furniture and wall are white and sloped ceiling and floor are made of wood.

Facade of Villa Barvon in Australia

Pool at Villa Barvon in Australia

The bedroom is separated from the garden by a covered passage with a swimming pool.

Modern bathroom in Villa Barvon in Australia

The design of this modern bathroom is no frills, only an important one is left in view. Lying in the bathroom, you will not look for something to catch on, and then you can completely relax.

Living room with elevator and sloped ceiling at Villa Barvon in Australia

Here is a great idea for the design of a living room in a modern style: white walls, a floor covered with grey ceramic tiles, a ceiling and a loft hanging over a sofa and a kitchen table made and light boards. With the finishing materials of the living room, the furniture is combined in modern style: white glossy facades of the kitchen, a table and chairs of light wood, a sofa with white upholstery. The interior was light and airy. For accents, blue and blue colours are used.

 Modern one-story L-shaped house with an interesting facade in Barwon

Bower architecture villa Barwon pool screen

An L-shaped plan wraps around the outer perimeter of the corner site, offering protection and privacy. Inspired by an abundance of gable roof beach houses, an abstracted silhouette shape is extruded through the new house, creating a clerestory and sculpting out intriguing interior experiences.

Villa Barwon by architect Bower  timber screen gives plenty of natural light

A covered walkway buffers the master bedroom from the garden, creating a private edge to the dramatic lap pool. The walkway begins one of a series of parallel long viewlines through the house.

Plan details
Floor: 1
Heated Area: 0
Ground Floor Square: 0
1st Floor Square: 0
Roof: gable, shed
Max Ridge Height
Wall materials:
Facade cladding: wood siding
Outdoor Living:
Windows: panoramic windows


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