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Modern house plans

Modern style originated at the beginning of the 20th century, considering changes in construction technologies and the appearance of new materials. Architects and designers deliberately abandoned the complex details and ornate Victorian era. Today they continue to challenge themselves to create bold and bright house designs. Architects use straight lines of walls, flat or shed roofs, panoramic windows, and covered patios to create house designs in high-tech styles and minimalism. A modern house should not require much effort to operate. For the construction of a residential house, you can use all the known building materials and structures. Modern frame houses are most popular all over the world, thanks to their high energy efficiency. But here you can see modern brick houses, houses made of aerated concrete, monolithic houses, and houses from a bar. Facades are finished with durable plaster, horizontal wooden panels, facing brick or stone. New technologies for making windows allow the house to be light and warm, and sliding glass doors expand the living space beyond the walls of the house. Many house designs are accompanied by photo interiors.

Фасад дома Бумер

Modern Getaway Retreat in Mountains

When I look at this house, I imagine a wonderful day off. When, regardless of the weather, I can take a walk around the neighbourhood without leaving…

Contemporary House Plan For Narrow Lot with Drive-Under Garage

Lots of transom windows bring extra light into this Contemporary house plan. Designed for a sloping lot, the drive-under garage opens to a finished…

Modern House Plan for a Side-Sloping Lot

Many windows and retractable sliding doors give this modern house plan light and airy interior while maximizing outdoor living. The low-pitched roof…

One-story 3 Bed House Plan With Carport

The modern house plan is designed with a shed roof and panoramic windows. It's suitable for a young family. It has a carport for a car and a storage…

One-story 2 Bedroom Modern House Plan For Slopping Lot

On the ground floor, there is a living room and a kitchen dining room. The large bedroom has a bathroom and a dressing room. The living room on the…

Two-Story Three Bedroom Contemporary House Plan

This home is perfectly suited for a narrow lot. The House facade has a stone, glass, horizontal siding, a broad glass entrance, large windows. Slanted…

Modern three-bedroom house

This house is ideal for a narrow plot. The front of the house is finished with stone, glass and horizontal siding, a vast glass entrance, and large…

Continuous formwork with polystyrene foam (ICF) - the future of reliable and comfortable houses

Advantages of building monolithic-concrete houses with insulated concrete formwork in comparison with concrete block and frame houses.

Modern ICF house plan with basement and garage

The single-story house plan has many metals shed roofs with low slope, combine facade cladding made of fibre-cement siding: vertical and horizontal. A…

What materials to use to insulate your home

When choosing a thermal insulation material for a house, flat or cottage, consumers face many ambiguous comments and recommendations. It can be…

Aquarium in the interior.

Usually, acquire aquariums for breeding fish. Use in filling the living space with exotic animals - a new direction, but as they say, well-forgotten…

Modern house made of Ambiente timber

Modern architecture for comfortable living. The internal layout is original in that all living space is created on the second floor. The consoles on…


Modern two-family detached frame house with carport

Two-story contemporary house plan Villa Oak

Modern House Plan with a Glass Garage Door

Modern One-storey Brick House: The Eastyn House

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