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Modern Two-storey hollow ceramic block house plan with 4 bedrooms

We present the project of an energy-efficient house in a modern style. The facade of a straight shape with columns smoothly turns into a rounded shape in the left-wing of the house. Wide flat roof overhangs close the balconies of the second floor and the terrace from the sun and rain. Over the more significant part of the house, the roof is covered with standing seam roofing. Large floor Windows and sliding doors allow daylight to illuminate the home.


The house is designed to construct ceramic blocks 30 cm thick with insulation of polystyrene foam 20 cm wide, which creates a warm envelope, allowing extensive glazing. The walls are plastered and painted white, which gives the house a light and fresh look. To break the monotony of colour, the columns and the ends of the cap are lined with dark brown brick.

Now, look at the street facade.

The facade of the first floor is decorated with inserts of brown bricks, contrasting with the rest of the plane of the show. The entrance to the house is illustrated in the form of a portal of straight columns and a jumper, allowing you to make a pergola in a modern style. On this facade of the house, there is almost no Windows because to create an energy-efficient home on the Northside, if possible, do not use extensive glazing.

By the way, the architect made this project contrary to the naive recommendations of the sellers of ceramic blocks, that for the construction of a warm house in Russia, it is enough to use a single-layer structure with a thickness of 50, or even 45 cm. here the ideal combination of a block thickness of 30 cm with excellent insulation fixed on the outside is used. In such a house, even with large Windows, you will not be afraid of cold.

Monolithic concrete Foundation is also well insulated. For heating, the house uses a heat pump and for ventilation recuperator. 

Let's finish the review of the design and look at the layout of the house.

Entering the house from a spacious porch, you will find an open foyer with a staircase that uses rounded internal walls, giving the place an almost cosmic look. To the right of the entrance is a kitchen with a dining room, from which you can get to the spacious terrace at the back of the house and the living room in the centre. Next to the kitchen, there is a large pantry with narrow windows visible on the street facade.

To the left of the entrance, there is a spacious foyer with a wardrobe and access to the bathroom or guest toilet. Next is the master bedroom with a large bathroom and dressing room. The Windows of this bedroom face the street.

For the placement of a boiler room on the first floor, a big room with a separate entrance from the yard is allocated.

On the second floor, you will find another large bedroom suite with a bathroom and dressing room, two other bedrooms, another large bathroom for their inhabitants and an office. On the same floor, there is a Laundry room next to the exit to the loggia. 

From the second floor hall, there is a view down to the living room and the staircase hall.

This magnificent house is suitable for a large family from different generations.

Floor Plans

Plan Details

Floor: 2 Bedrooms: 4 Garage: 2 car garage Heated Area: 293 m2 Ground Floor Square: 140 m2 1st Floor Square: 152 m2 Width: 19.2 Depth: 16.9
Roof: gable Bathrooms: Max Ridge Height Wall materials: Thermo hollow brick Facade cladding: stone, Art stucco, clinker panels Foundation: Crawl Space, Basement Outdoor Living: Deck, Patio, Balcony, 2nd Floor Deck Windows: large windows


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