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Modern aerated concrete house plans

A small one-storey aerocrete house with a flat roof

House with two bedrooms and large windows and sliding doors leading to the corner terrace behind the…

Compact two-storey house made of aerated concrete in a modern style

Two-storey house in the style of Cubism with a good layout is designed for a family of 4 people. On…

Aerocrete block or brick house with a two car garage

Contemporary two-story house plan made of aerated concrete with detached two car garage and three…

German house Wolf-haus with skylights on a gable roof

Two-story contemporary house plan with a gable roof, a separate garage and a carport. Photo of…

Two-storey aerated concrete house Arta in Bauhaus style with a sauna

Premium house in high-tech style, built of aerated concrete, is ideal for single or young couples. A…

Two-story modern house plan with a first floor bedroom

This modern house was designed for optimal use of solar energy while offering panoramic views of the…

Two-story contemporary house plan Villa Oak

The modern two-story house plan is made of aerated concrete with a large terrace and two balconies.…

Modern House Plan With an Elevator: The Collmann House

The modern three-story villa built of aerated concrete in the contemporary style of the Collmann…

Modern two-story house plan with a second floor decks and sauna: The Luxhaus

Modern two-story house plan with a garage, large office, and two second-floor decks. This house plan…

Modern Aerated Concrete House Plan: The Goldbecks House

The optimally built in a slope Goldbeck house plan offers plenty of space on about 227 m2 living…

Modern two-story house plan with a basement: The Philipp House

The Philipps House is a modern two-story house with a gable roof and a drive-under garage in the…

Modern style bungalow with large windows

The modern and stylish bungalow, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable life. House…

If you make the decision to build a house made of aerated concrete, you not only opt for a living space made of solid and natural materials, which guarantee you a pleasant indoor climate and optimal thermal insulation. You also opt for an extremely stable construction, which offers you a stable investment. All these good qualities are united in aerated concrete houses. Because a house constructed with aerated concrete - whether single-family homes, town villas or duplex houses - can be inhabited over several generations and is extendable even after many years of use or can be adapted by rebuilding or extensions to future needs. Therefore, the resale value of aerated concrete houses is significantly higher. Because of these inventory value benefits, a home built as a solid house is a safe investment for you and your family.


Two-story contemporary house plan Villa Oak

Single-storey house plan with a sauna and swimming pool on the site

The plan for an ICF formwork house with high-tech technology

Modern House Plan With an Elevator: The Collmann House

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