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Two-story modern house plan with a first floor bedroom

This modern two-story house was designed by the architectural bureau "Rodwin architecture" for optimal use of solar energy while offering panoramic views of the landscape from both floors. The western terrace adjoins a spacious living room, kitchen, and dining room, creating a fantastic opportunity for living in the fresh air.



A modern two-story house with a combined facade is made with an open plan that allows you to feel relaxed. The main rooms are located around the kitchen, where a vast island will become a favourite place for meetings. The fireplace adds a cosy atmosphere to the neighbouring living room, while the open dining room looks like unique wait dishes from the chef.

The guest bedroom and bathroom are hidden in the upper right corner of the plan. Nearby, a den can quickly become a private living room for an elderly relative. Three more bedrooms are on the upper floor, including a master bedroom with a well-equipped bathroom, a dressing room, and a balcony. The laundry is located on the same floor for convenience.

View of a modern two-storey house on the side

Evening view of a modern two-storey frame house with balcony

Lovely and hospitable house at any time of day or night.

Night facade of a modern house with luminous windows

Wooden staircase

Entering the house you will immediately see this staircase in the foyer. On this ladder not only it is convenient to rise, in a niche at a case under a stair it will be very cozy to your cute animals.

Living room with a modern built-in fireplace

Living room with white walls and furniture and floors of structured wood in several shades of brown. The fireplace hearth is built into the ledge decorated with laminated panels of dark gray color and a sofa with brown leather upholstery complement the color scheme of the living room.

Modern dining room

In this dining room with white walls, as in the whole house, the dining table attracts attention, in which the table top is made of wood of the same texture and color as the wooden floor. Chairs with gray upholstery do not distract attention from the table.

Stylish kitchen island with a raised bar

The white walls do not attract attention, but direct your eyes to the kitchen island. Near the island of dark wood with a white table countertop and built-in glass-ceramic hob are stylish bar stools from chrome-plated metal in high-tech style with a foot. The design of the kitchen-dining room is built on contrasts of white and dark brown color.

Stylish Kitchen Island

Interesting design of the kitchen island: a wide white countertop hangs over stools, and on the sides are open shelves. In these shelves you can place decor items.

How will the landlady see her living room when she cooks stakes

When I cook stakes, I see a white wall in front of me, believe me, it's boring. In this kitchen, the hostess will not even notice how she fried stakes already, admired the fire in the fireplace or the view outside the window, talked with the children and her husband or friend, who came running to visit. Live and enjoy!

The whole house is in the palm of your hand

It is difficult to find a progressive person who does not like the open plan of the house, which unites the living room, dining room and kitchen in one spacious room. After all, this plan came out of life, where people have little time to communicate with each other. Family members can have privacy only in their own bedroom. Open plan unites the family, allowing you to communicate more often.

The kitchen is a house heart.

In this house the kitchen is the center of the house. It is located right next to the foyer. A guest came in ... and hear is the kitchen. House owner came down from the second floor, and he too is in the kitchen. The children play in the courtyard ... the kitchen is also near.

A bedroom without frills

White walls and beautiful texture of the wooden floor in different shades of brown - a natural combination of colors in a modern style. The color palette is only slightly diluted with impregnations of blue colored lamps and decorative pillows on the bed.

Bathroom in a modern style in a frame house

A small modern bathroom with light wood wardrobes with two built-in washbasins on one side and a bathroom and a shower room with glass walls on the other side is designed to be located next to the master bedroom.

The Laundry

The laundry should be lightened and clean, so the owners chose a white ceramic tile floor, white walls and, so that the design was not too sterile, they added cabinets and shelves made of dark brown wood.

pen plan of the first floor with a terrace and two rooms for guests.

План 1 этажа дома Upland


Second floor plan with three bedrooms and laundry

План 2 этажа дома Upland


Plan Details

Floor: 2
Bedrooms: 4
Garage: attached garage, 2 car garage
Heated Area: 306 m2
Ground Floor Square: 179 m2
1st Floor Square: 127 m2
Width: 28
Roof: hip
Max Ridge Height
Wall materials: wood frame
Facade cladding: wood siding, stucco, stone
Foundation: Crawl Space
Outdoor Living: Deck, Patio, Balcony
Windows: panoramic windows


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