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Two story house plans with a garage

Modern House Plan with 4 Upstairs Bedrooms - 172 sq m

2-Story 5 Bed Modern House Plan - 336 Sq M

Modern House Plan with Outdoor Living Room - 380 Sq M

Contemporary Three Bedroom Home Plan with Screened Porch

Modern 3-Bed Floor Plan with Upstairs Sundecks


Contemporary 2-Story House Plan with In-Law Apartment Over Garage

Two-story hi-tech style house plan with a basement for a slopping site

Modern two-story house plan with 6 bedrooms, sauna and study with a hip roof

Two-story monolithic house (ICF) in a modern style

Modern two-story house plan with a second floor decks and sauna: The Luxhaus

Plan of an aerated concrete house with a hip roof and a built-in garage in a modern style

If you are only thinking about buying a modern house plan, then consider the idea of a two-storey house plan with a garage. There are different options for combining the garage with the house. You can choose a two-story house plan with an attached garage; such plans are often chosen by owners of narrow lots.

If you want a terrace on the second floor, then you will be approached by a house plans with an attached garage. Owners of sloping lots towards the road can consider the idea of drive-under garage in the basement, which is also suitable for a narrow lot.

There are also two-storey house plans with a garage connected to the house by a breezeway, or a separate garage connected by a flat roof forming a carpot for the second car or a covered terrace. In any case, the garage in the house is simply necessary, it is always needed, even if you do not have a car.


HighTech House Plan with 4 Bedrooms and Fitness Room

Two-story monolithic house (ICF) in a modern style

Modern House Plan with 4 Upstairs Bedrooms - 172 sq m

Baulinder House in the cubism style with panoramic windows

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