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Green Builder Media and the specialized manufacturer of modular houses, "Shelter Dynamics," have joined forces to create Flex House, a model for “Right-Sized” living in a small-footprint, flexible space that is completely connected and intelligent, reliable, bright, and durable.

For Green Builder Media, the "Right-Sized" house refers not only to square meters. This also means having the flexibility to adapt the home to the changing lifestyle of the inhabitants and consume only those natural resources that they need - no more and no less.

The "Right-Sized" house refers not only to square meters.

Creatively conceived, Flex House allows homebuyers to design a house that meets their specific life needs by selecting ready-made modules from the menu. The base unit is 70 square meters with a master bedroom, a small room that can serve as an office, a second bedroom, a bathroom, two living rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and a flexible "niche" space.

Additional modules can increase the area of ​​the house. Do you work from home? Get an extended office module. Do you want to have children? No problem - add more bedroom modules. Want to make a patio with a living room on the terrace and garden beds? Everything is possible!

The design aesthetics of Flex House is equally adaptable, as is the layout - the homeowner can order a house in many different styles - from modern to country.

Flex House exterior

From the outset, the curved roofline suggests that this efficiency-focused design doesn’t skimp on the architectural details that might charm buyers of traditional houses. Inside, pale floors and walls are garnished by arched doorways, recessed lighting, plus built-in seating and storage.

Flex House living room

Upon entry, you’ll find two living areas: a main living room to the left, and a nook to the right, which leads to a bonus “niche” space before you get to the kitchen. In the kitchen, two windows bring in light, while 24’’ Bosch appliances make the most of the space. All the cabinets in the model home are from Ikea.

Flex House dining nook

Flex House Kitchen

Furniture from IKEA, kitchen appliance from Bosch.

Flex House bedroom

Flex house bathroom

Small but comfortable bathroom with two compartments. In one there is a shower room and a toilet. In another washbasin, to always have access to the bathroom, even if someone takes a shower.

Flex House 3D Floor Plan

In the middle of the house bathroom. You can go around it.

With a fully integrated intelligent + solar system, Flex House is fully powered by a cutting-edge solar system with battery storage. A house can produce its own power and serve as a microgrid, and can, therefore, be grid-tied or independent. 

The advanced Smart Home Hub application simplifies the production, storage, monitoring and use of energy to create an end-user energy management strategy. It also includes voice control for lighting, engineering equipment, entertainment, water, indoor air quality, irrigation, and other systems.

Flex House also uses the concept of Smart Water. It is intended for water saving, the house provides tools and appliances for water conservation, as well as for the detection of leaks, water filtration, use of greywater and intelligent irrigation systems.

Thanks to high-efficiency windows, foam insulation, flow-through water heaters, mini-split HVAC system, intelligent lighting, modern appliances, and indoor air quality systems, Flex House is resource-efficient, durable and healthy.

Flex House sponsors are:

Bosch Thermotechnology - intelligent and efficient solutions for heating and cooling, including mini-split air conditioning and water heaters;
Bosch Appliances are innovative, built-in and suitable in size devices for a beautiful and high-performance kitchen, which even the most experienced chef envies!
Jinko Solar - the world's largest supplier of solar photovoltaic panels, Jinko Solar offers state-of-the-art PV technology to optimize solar energy collection;
American standard high-performance and low-flow cranes and toilets, as well as sinks, bathtubs and accessories, American Standard products (part of LIXIL) help create healthy, safe and stylish kitchens and bathrooms;
DuPont - Tyvek's protective membrane provides a durable and breathable barrier, ensuring maximum energy efficiency and humidity control;
Accella Corp. - the leading supplier of advanced polymers, Accella offers a highly effective insulation of polyurethane foam, which contributes to reducing heating and air conditioning costs;
Ledvance - the manufacturer of advanced LED luminaires SYLVANIA, standardized luminaires and intelligent lighting solutions, as well as traditional light sources, Ledvance offers an innovative range of lighting solutions.

The smart home concept also relies on the electric charging of the car at home (with 60 PV panels from JinkoSolar, the battery system from Tabuchi Electric and the EV charging station from Bosch), as well as emissions-free landscaping using lithium battery-powered outdoor tools from Greenworks.

Assumed as a flexible housing solution, suitable for young families, professionals, elderly people whose children live separately, etc., the Flex House is expected to go on the market this June. The base cost will be from 125,000 to 150,000 US dollars depending on installed devices.

Plan Details

Floor: 1
Bedrooms: 2
Garage: no garage
Heated Area: 70 m2
Ground Floor Square: 70 m2
1st Floor Square: 0
Roof: shed
Max Ridge Height
Wall materials: wood frame
Facade cladding:
Outdoor Living:


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