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Modern One-storey Brick House: The Eastyn House

The architects of the Perception studio designed a single-story house of Eastyn for a comfortable life. The layout is specially designed for a narrow facade. You can enter the house from the garage for two cars and through the front door on the narrow facade. There is a spacious foyer at the entrance through the front door where you can place wardrobes for outerwear. If one of the family members works at home and accepts visitors, he will appreciate placing the cabinet next to the foyer when the rest of the house is hidden.

Just behind the foyer is a small niche with a window in the foyer for better light, from which you can go to the master bedroom. Please note that this daylight is illuminated through a light pipe. The master bedroom is equipped with a bathroom and dressing rooms located just behind the head of the bed. You can see this in the photo.

The long corridor leading to common areas is not so convenient, but in a house intended for a narrow lot, when the living room windows should go out into the backyard, this may be the only solution. In the right part of the house, just behind the garage, are two other bedrooms and a bathroom. The entrance to these bedrooms is also made not directly from the corridor but a small hall in front of the bathroom. Simultaneously, the bathroom and toilet are separated, which increases the convenience for the inhabitants of two bedrooms.

Common areas are combined into one spacious room, extending to the terrace behind the house. Behind the kitchen is a large utility room where you can place a boiler room and laundry room, and cabinets for storing household equipment.

The games room is separated from the living room by a stylish partition into which a modern fireplace is built.

The house in the photo is a sample built in Australia, which will allow buyers to study the layout and try on this house themselves.

Eastyn house plan

План 1 этажа Eastyn


Plan Details
Étages: 1 Chambres: 3 Garage: Garage 2 voitures Surface chauffée: 215 m2 Surface du rez-de-chaussée: 215 m2 Surface du premier étage: 0
Forme du toit: toit en croupe Salles de bains: Hauteur maximale du faîtage Matériaux des murs: maison en briques Revêtement de façade: Plâtre, maison en briques Fondation: Dalle Espace de vie extérieur: Porche, Porche grillagé Fenêtres: fenêtres panoramiques


Modern One-storey Brick House: The Eastyn House

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