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Modern two story house with different facade cladding design

The same house plan looks different due to the great possibilities in the facade decoration. Modern materials for facades have become more durable and diverse.


Wood, brick, stone and plaster looks great together.

Simple lines of modern houses do not make the house boring if you diversify front materials while building a house.

Wood, brick, stone, and plaster are perfectly combined. Some facade materials are expensive, but their quality ensures the beauty of the facade without the need for repair.

Look at how the houses are built according to this plan with different materials on the facade.

Plan details
Étages: Chambres: 3 Garage: Garage 2 voitures Surface chauffée: 172 m2 Surface du rez-de-chaussée: 86 m2 Surface du premier étage: 86 m2
Forme du toit: toit en croupe Salles de bains: Hauteur maximale du faîtage Matériaux des murs: à ossature bois Revêtement de façade: bardage en bois, Plâtre, pierre, maison en briques Fondation: Sous-sol à la lumière du jour Espace de vie extérieur: Fenêtres: fenêtres panoramiques


The Wilson's house in New Zealand from Dravitsky and Brown architects

Plan of a 2-story frame house with panoramic windows and bay windows in a modern style

Modern house plan Boomer with a terrace on the second floor

Two-storey aerated concrete house Arta in Bauhaus style with a sauna

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