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Baulinder House in the cubism style with panoramic windows

BauLinder Haus is located just a few houses away from the famous Kansas City district, a home designed by the Bauhaus architect Marcel Breuer. BauLinder Haus was inspired by the modernist details of its famous neighbor. Details like vertically oriented wood siding, straight-forward forms, and overhanging masses were motivated by this modernist aesthetic.

Mission Hills,  Photo  Mike Sinclair

The house's simple form was conceptualized as a series of stacked boxes with common rooms located at ground level and private rooms in boxes higher. 


In plan, the boxes are oriented in a u-shape configuration to create a generous private courtyard designed as an extension of the interior living space, blurring the boundaries between indoors and out. Floor-to-ceiling south-facing windows in the courtyard are shaded by the overhanging second floor above to obscure the sun in the summer but allow passive solar heating in winter.

The technical equipment of the house includes a system of heat pumps with a geothermal heat pump HVAC system, energy-saving windows, and sprayed foam polyurethane insulation. The external wooden covering is a vertical ship siding of industrial production. BauLinder Haus was designed to meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requirements for their Indoor airPLUS qualified homes and to get the Energy Star qualification - minimum energy consumption costs in any form.


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Détails du plan

Étages: 2 Chambres: 4 Garage: garage attenant Surface chauffée: 588 m2 Surface du rez-de-chaussée: 0 Surface du premier étage: 0
Forme du toit: toit plat Salles de bains: Hauteur maximale du faîtage Matériaux des murs: à ossature bois Revêtement de façade: bardage en bois, autres Fondation: Espace de vie extérieur: Terrasse, Patio Fenêtres: fenêtres panoramiques


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Baulinder House in the cubism style with panoramic windows

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