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The modern house in Suffolk England on a slope lot and an original gable roof

Clients of the Mole architectural bureau from Cambridge - Ben and Richard (and Henry's dog) bought the site in Aldeburgh in 2012, after spending many weekends in the area. The plot is located in an area with beautiful landscapes at that time was occupied by a dilapidated house that was in no way connected with the surrounding landscape.


In 2013, the flood, breaking the protective barriers from exceptionally high tides, flooded the site, which caused the architects to protect the new house from future floods. The site rises from east to west, so the western edge rises by about two meters. Taking advantage of these relief features, the architects placed the new house higher, making it predominantly a one-story building, with a living area on the first floor and a panoramic view of the landscape. A soft gray zinc roof protected by a polymer coating is twisted as it rises from west to east, creating a two-story residential area. In the highest part of the roof, there is a master bedroom, and guest rooms, a studio, and storage rooms are located at the bottom. The white-painted brick and zinc represent a rare combination of pastel colors that reflect the glitter of the water from the nearby lake.

Photo of David Butler

Plan Details

Floor: 2
Bedrooms: 4
Heated Area: 0
Ground Floor Square: 0
1st Floor Square: 0
Roof: shed
Max Ridge Height
Wall materials: wood frame
Facade cladding: brick
Foundation: Basement
Outdoor Living:


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