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The Smart Home system in modern life

Home Automation, which appeared in the 1980s as a separate experiment, is no longer a fantasy, and now everyone can use this system in their home.

First of all, a smart home will come in handy, of course, for the elderly and disabled; however, others may well need it, both to simplify life and to save money. Domotics (From Latin "Domus" (House) and "Robotics"), or house automation, appeared in the 80s as a separate experiment, with the advent of smartphones at the end of the 2000s, it began to develop rapidly, and today it is far from being as expensive as it used to be. Automatic control of temperature, lighting, water heating and other things that make the intelligent house is no longer just a dream. Now almost anyone can afford it if they want it.

Smart houses, in addition to the already mentioned systems for maintaining a comfortable temperature and light automation, can also have the following essential functions:

  • Installation of an advanced security system
  • Automatic opening of entrance doors for family members
  • Opening and closing blinds depending on the time of day and the amount of light outside
  • Monitor the refrigerator, as well as receive a recommended shopping list

You can easily manage all this using your smartphone or a specialised smart speaker like Amazon Echo or Google Home. For example, nothing prevents you from reducing the air temperature before entering the house after a hot day.

Cons of house automation

The most significant risk you subscribe yourself to when installing an innovative house system is, of course, the danger of being hacked. Hackers can find ways to find out your passwords, so you better care about security, significantly if a breach might seriously threaten your safety, like if your front doors or alarm are automated.

Another drawback of the system is its price, not everyone has an extra 1000 dollars, and this is only a cost of a relatively small house, if you have a large two-story house, the work can cost you up to 10000 dollars, and some systems can often have monthly subscriptions.

And besides, it is essential not to forget that intelligent house technology is still new. Therefore there is still almost no standardisation of technologies, and thus, many systems are incompatible with each other.

What are the possibilities?

Despite all these disadvantages, home automation is nevertheless very versatile. We have already briefly mentioned some of its functions, but let's talk about them in more detail.

Light control allows you to save energy costs by leaving the light on only at night, and also, if there is a motion sensor, the light can be turned on only when there is someone in the room; moreover, you can also control how bright the light will be, what colour will it have, and so on.

Automatic temperature control gives you the ability to reduce the temperature before bedtime to make your sleep more comfortable and reduce heating or turn off the air conditioner when no one is at home to reduce your electricity bills.

You can increase the security of your house with an alarm, the ability to remotely open and close the front door, and other valuable functions, but do not forget about the danger of cyberattacks.

In the bathroom, you can make the floor heating upon entering it, control the comfortable water temperature, and much more that will make your time in the bathroom as comfortable as possible.

Making a house smart

While you can certainly make an automation system yourself, except for simple techniques such as smart speakers, or the most straightforward lighting automation, it is better to trust the professionals who specialise in this. We recommend that you carefully examine all possible options before deciding to find a company that will make you a turnkey "Smart Home" as cheaply and efficiently as possible. On our website, you can also find examples of prefab houses with a built-in House Automation system, such as Flex House.


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