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Modern living room design ideas

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The minimalist interior emphasizes the open layout of common areas, the privacy of the bedrooms and the unity with the environment.

In modern interior design, the keyword is "simple." Functional and bright rooms reflect the individuality of the inhabitants. In the interior, the main thing is a simple and uncluttered space. Simple design does not mean cold, and uncluttered does not mean sterile.

Cabinets, shelves, tables do not attract attention, but sofas and armchairs, on the contrary become the center of attraction. The interior decoration uses natural colors and materials: natural wood, stone and light colors. Bright and bold furniture emphasizes individuality. Plumbing, electrical fixtures and kitchen appliances made of stainless steel, nickel and chrome accentuate in minimalist design.

We offer to look at the world trends in architecture and design, to create a comfortable and beautiful home.


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