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Aquarium in the interior.

People buy aquariums for different reasons. For some, it is a means of contemplation of the water element for relaxation. For others - collecting exotic fish, marine animals and plants. We will consider the aquarium placement in the house as a design idea that adds its note in the interior design and as an additional source of lighting, lighting living space.


The geometric dimensions of the aquarium do not play a significant role. Only the height is taken into account for the convenience of feeding and cleaning. The long glass body of the aquariums gives the impression of a panorama, its volume sometimes reaches 1000 litres, and the lighting from the aquarium is very diverse, thanks to the bright shades of its inhabitants. Strong bases for the aquarium are selected following the general interior style; if the room is dominated by wood, the Cabinet is made of wood or veneered to match the overall interior. Black-neutral colour makes the outer frame of the water world brighter and more transparent. The room is decorated in the style of avant-garde, properly used glass with metal, illuminated and framed with plastic. If you want to be original, the stand can be decorated with rough stone or granite.

Many stylists are faced with a choice - what kind of landscape in the aquarium to choose? Marine or freshwater? Psychologists come to the rescue: they claim that the seascape is very bright, yellow-red, with a predominance of cold blue colour, and its extravagance acts on a person as an explosion of colour, tiresome acting on the nervous system. Such aquariums are better placed in the entrance area because it is not very suitable for a long and close observation.

In aquariums with a freshwater landscape dominated by more calm green, Golden and brown tones, they are warm and relaxed. This contemplation of the underwater world that calms and relaxes the observer, and rightly these aquariums occupy a well-deserved place near the sofa, in the recreation area. All aquariums are illuminated by overhanging lamps, creating a natural background of underwater life, and in the absence of living plants, illumination can be the most incredible colours. Selected lighting options corresponding to the broad range of colours of furniture, walls, curtains and floor coverings.

 Now in the trend built into the partition aquariums, making them transparent on both sides. But not all the inhabitants of the water world tolerate light from all sides, and it is necessary to consider this when buying fish or other animals. But the force remains in the aquarium's location along the wall or a vacant niche, making it no less attractive than different designs.

Be sure when placing the aquarium need to consider the direction of the major lines of the interior. It will not look water world surrounded by cabinets height to the ceiling. Everything that surrounds the aquarium should be proportionate. The size of the location should also be taken into account. If the tank is near the sofa, its height should be at the eye level of a seated person, and in the case of location in the circulation area, standing.

  Summing up, we can confidently say that the aquarium's presence with the underwater world, with its colours and shades, makes the interior more refined and favourable.


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