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15 Ideas For the Built-in Fireplace

It isn't easy to imagine a modern country house without heating. Whichever type of energy people use to heat the home; the fireplace is a necessary living room attribute. It is not only an excellent reserve source of heat but also a living room decoration how to properly place a fireplace on the wall, so it was safe and beautiful.

Modern built-in fireplace inserts are safe for installation, even close to wooden structures. This opportunity appeared when engineers tried to find ways to increase the productivity (efficiency) of fireplaces. And they did it. Now many models of fireplace inserts are produced with an efficiency of up to 85%. Such a high heat output created conditions for the possible use of a fireplace as the primary and only heat source. You can install a Modern fireplace insert anywhere - there is no need for a solid foundation, so the owners will easily find a suitable place. Several ideas of famous architects we picked up for this site.

The most simple built-in fireplace

Easier cannot be done! In the niche of the wall there is a wood stove, and next to it there is a log of firewood. It's very modern.

Wood-burning double-sided fireplace

Modern fireplaces are available in different types and sizes. A double-sided fireplace is an excellent alternative to a brick fireplace. In the wall, in which there is a built-in fireplace, you can also build in a bookcase.

Open plan with built-in fireplace in the partition

It is very difficult to imagine a modern house without an open plan layout, which usually includes a living room and a kitchen-dining room. The house becomes more spacious than it is in reality, when they are joined by a terrace. A double-sided fireplace will allow you to admire the flame in the dining room and in the living room.

Wall covered with marble

The solution proposed by the architect Tyler Hawryluk. Standard chimney box, lined with marble with fireplace and TV above. The front panel of the chimney box is slightly wider, so it does not seem massive, and the glass doors enhance the impression of lightness.

Narrow horizontal fireplace insert

See how the materials are selected: a smooth gray marble surrounded by a rough brick wall. The fireplace is also framed from below - a low and a long hearth, and on top with a ledge under the ceiling with a spotlight. Architect Tyler Hawriluk made the design of this room on color contrasts.

Classic fireplace

See how neatly the colors are in this living room. There are only two primary colors: white and gray. On a light gray wall, the white frame around the fireplace furnace looks beautiful, emphasizing the black fireplace, which will undoubtedly attract the eye. The picture above the fireplace also stands out in its blue color.

Corner fireplace insert

A light brick covering the box that closes the chimney looks beautiful from the living room in white and light beige colours.

Red fire between the orange chairs

In this living room, Tyler Hawriluk used the brutal design of the fireplace mantel. A large gray stone is well accentuated by a burning fire. Bright orange chairs, as if invited to sit next to each other.

Gas fireplace

If there is no possibility to install a wood-burning fireplace, then gas and electric will do. A gas fireplace creates coziness in the house, just like a conventional wood-burning fireplace. Facing the fireplace should be combined with walls and floor.

Classic fireplace

The fireplace is built in a frame box lined with wild stone. Inside there passes a metal chimney. You can easily hang a TV on this wall.

Fireplace in the bedroom

Some like the fireplaces that set them in the bedrooms. Here the fireplace is located directly opposite the bed. The upper part of the chimney chase is simply painted gray, and the bottom for contrast is faced with a white stone.

Living room with fireplace and panoramic window in the house of Red Cubatur

The Red Cubatur house of German architects fireplace insert is integrated into the pony wall. A wrought-iron frame with a geometric pattern surrounds the fireplace.

Sit by the fireplace and watch a great movie ... What could be better?

In a house built according to the Eastyn house plan in Australia, the fireplace insert is built into the partition separating the playing room from the living room.

 Modern One-storey Brick House: The Eastyn House

Living room with fireplace and panoramic windows in the corner

The classic solution for built-in fireplace insert - black fireplace and a TV on a smooth white wall.

Living room with a modern built-in fireplace

Living room with white walls and furniture and floors of structured wood in several shades of brown. The fireplace hearth is built into the ledge decorated with laminated panels of dark gray color and a sofa with brown leather upholstery complement the color scheme of the living room.

Modern fireplace insert in the Beaumont House

A modern fireplace insert is built-in the marble wal. Next to the cozy armchair there are stylish coffee tables.


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