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Beaumont Living Room

A corner sofa and a cosy armchair is enough to feel relaxed in this modern living room.

Beaumont House: Modern Living and Dining

Beautiful and light living and dining area in a contemporary style is suggested by Australian designers.

Modern fireplace insert in the Beaumont House

A modern fireplace insert is built-in the marble wal. Next to the cozy armchair there are stylish coffee tables.

Beaumont Нouse - Modern Dining

The chairs with a white upholstery and a glass table do not clutter up the space, but emphasize open-plan area. A partition made of wooden slats separates the dining room from the smoking room.

The High-Tech Kitchen in the Beaumont House

Modern kitchen is almost invisible due to the light and smooth kitchen facades. The large kitchen island also serves as a bar counter.

Beaumont terrace

Beaumont TV room

Simple and elegant TV room is furnished by light colour sofa with bright accent of pillows and pictures on the wall.

Bedroom in the style of minimalism

Master Bathroom

To expand the visible space, the owners preferred to separate the bathroom only with a stylish partition made of wooden planks. Why not? This is the master bedroom.

Master Bathroom

All what you need in everyday life. Airy space and many places for store things.





楼层 2
卧室。 4
车库。 附属车库, 两车位车库
加热区。 397 平米2
1楼广场。 174 平米2
2楼广场。 182 平米2
屋顶。 平坦的
卧室。 4

墙体材料。 砖头
外墙包层。 木质护墙板, 灰泥
基金会。 板坯
户外生活。 屏风式阳台
窗口。 大窗户