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Modern single story houses

A modern single story house plan with a curve shed roof, curved double glazing veranda and a basement. Stylish inside and outside. Exposed bent rafter in every room of the house.

House Plan with curved roof and wintergarden

Usually acquire aquariums for breeding fish. Use in filling the living space with exotic animals - a new direction, but as they say, well-forgotten old. Aquariums have become more and more original.

Aquarium in the interior.

Bright enough with the original surface of the facade of the house in a modern style. The project is designed as an energy-efficient house using the latest achievements in the production technology of porous ceramics.

Modern two-storey house of porous brick TP-1159

Modern architecture for a comfortable life.

Modern house made of Ambiente timber

The modern and stylish bungalow, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable life. House plan with a shed roof and large windows for a small family or

Modern style bungalow with large windows

The ceiling space looks beautiful after application of different art-making moldings or installing decorative beams.

Three options for finishing the ceiling

Types of plaster. Reviews and design solutions with application of decorative plaste

Decorative plaster

Infrared heaters are used for heating not only residential, but also industrial premises, due to low power consumption. Set the source of heat directing heated place.

Infrared heating of the house

Design ideas living room in a minimalist style with photos. Furniture and decor for the interior in a modern style.

Living room in minimalist style

How to calculate ventilation during construction. Why heat exchangers are the first in ventilation of a house or apartment

Ventilation in an energy - efficient modern house

Modern single-story house plans will appeal to young and elderly people, who find it difficult to climb and descend the stairs. The design of modern single-story houses unites the interior of the house with the surrounding nature. Architects try to arrange panoramic windows and terraces so as to capture the most beautiful landscape. Modern houses are designed taking into account the individual characteristics of family members, their lifestyle and take into account the world experience of planning single-story houses. For the convenience of unloading products from the car into modern homes, a garage for one or two cars is built in, and the kitchen and storage rooms are located near the exit from the garage. Architects developed these plans for specific people in accordance with their lifestyle and preferences, your tastes may differ, but having looked through many plans of modern one-story houses, you can catch the trends and pick up what is needed. Each house plan is accompanied by a link to the author of the design.

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