Терраса в доме Eastyn

What could be better than a terrace on a hot summer day when you do not want to do anything. Unless, to sit in a comfortable chair to drink cold tea or coffee with ice (someone will prefer something stronger), chat with friends, read an exciting book or just dream about something pleasant. Even in a cold climate, the terrace will be useful at any time of the year. In autumn - to hide from the rain, staying in the fresh air, in the winter - the roof of the terrace will protect from large snowdrifts. An experienced architect always thinks about the most suitable place for the rooms, the most convenient for the tenants, the place where the terrace roof would not block daylight in the autumn-winter season. Therefore, it is not a fact that when buying a house without a terrace, it will be easy to attach it wherever it pleases. It is better to buy a one-story house plan with a terrace and do not build it immediately, than to guess how it will be better in future.