Фасад дома Eastyn

A modern house is difficult to imagine without a built-in garage, because it is difficult to live away from shops, schools and work without a car, so the architects develop single-storey house plans with a attached garage for one, two and more cars.  Imagine how hard it is to sit in a cold or a hot car in the sun to go on business. Garage in a one story house is not a luxury, but a necessity. And the best solution is a garage built into the total volume of the house, so out of the car, you would immediately be under the roof. Garage is also a place for storing car supplies, seasonal things and a hobby shop. Very often in the garage of a single-storey house there is a utility room, separating the technical zone from the living quarters. Single-story house plans with a garage allow you to build a house a bit cheaper than with a detached garage and a bit more expensive than absolutely without a garage. Therefore, we advise you to choose modern one-story house plan with a garage.