The owners of this bungalow build for the future: They not only create a barrier-free living environment, but also make energy-efficient provisions. A large photovoltaic system will be installed on the flat, sloping roof, which will supply the house with free solar power. 

So that this can also be used when the sun is not shining from the sky, the building owners will also have a battery storage system so they can live largely independently of the big energy companies. The low heat requirement is covered by an energy-efficient air-water heat pump. Controlled living space ventilation provides fresh air, which thanks to the heat recovery also contributes to the temperature control of the house.

Last but not least, the well-insulated outer wall contributes to the good energy balance. The construction material wood, which comes from sustainably managed forests, forms the basis of the construction. It is assembled into a multi-layer frame structure. Combined with high-performance thermal insulation, this creates houses that already exceed the statutory requirements for energy consumption as standard.

Floor Plans

Plan Details

The house with single floor
Bedrooms: 3
Garage: no garage
Heated Area: 201 m2
Ground Floor Square: 201 m2
1st Floor Square: 0
Width: 19.27
Depth: 17.02
Roof: shed, flat
Wall materials: wood frame
Facade cladding: stucco
Foundation: Slab
Outdoor Living:
Windows: panoramic windows, skylight window

Max Ridge Height 7.2