Nature and modern design: The open location on the hillside and the floating architecture with no visible supports make this modern house unique and beautiful. The structure rises 30 meters from the village below. It took the utmost professionalism to build such a house on a steep rocky slope. The prefabricated wooden structures were transported to the construction site thanks to a special crane and various devices. The use of sophisticated trusses and modern building materials made it possible to create an exemplary link between modern residential architecture and nature: AR. DANIEL WAGNER



The tradition of wooden facades was continued with natural larch cladding. Two-way doors lead to the ground floor with storage space for bicycles, a guest bedroom with a bathroom, a dressing room, and an area with a heating system. Walking through the gym and pool area, there is direct access to the terrace and garden.

On Daniel Wagner

I was born in a small town in northeastern Wisconsin. I remember always being drawn to the arts. I got my degree in architecture. I worked as an architect for 25 years, many of which I devoted to multi-story commercial projects, embodying many of the significant architectural wonders that grace the skyline of London, Shanghai, Barcelona, and Chicago.
I consider myself a self-taught artist. My first love was an abstraction, and at first, I focused on it. My first works were architectural. I moved away from that when I realized the limitations and constraints of architectural form. I discovered that the human condition is a hierarchy of structures, but I believe that painting begins with a gesture, re-deriving some symmetry and nuance from my initial training.
I like to start painting with a field of human gestures, then I go back and use more pronounced forms in the human condition. Hence the fine line between abstraction and realism. The shapes and forms I emphasize begin to add pattern and direction to the painting. This is where conception takes over, and the original gestures of the human form take on a new language.


I received my bachelor's degree in architecture from the University of Minnesota.

Floor Plans

Plan Details

Floor: three floor
Bedrooms: 5++
Garage: no garage
Heated Area: 232 m2
Ground Floor Square: 100 m2
1st Floor Square: 90 m2
Width: 12
Depth: 17
Roof: flat
Bathrooms: 3

Max Ridge Height 12
Wall materials: wood frame
Facade cladding: wood siding
Foundation: Crawl Space
Outdoor Living: Deck, Screened porch, Patio, Balcony, 2nd Floor Deck
Windows: large windows, panoramic windows