This single-story cottage plan deserves special attention due to the three available roof options: gable, hip, and flat, modern architecture, and many thoughtful design solutions for the exterior and interior.

Thoughtful to the smallest detail, the internal layout of the house plan offers comfortable living on one floor for a young family or elderly parents. In this modern house, the living space is perfectly adapted to your needs. Still, if you want, there are options for changing the entire layout, which will not particularly affect the modern concept of the whole cottage. 

Architecture, at its core, has emphasized flat lines of the walls, surprisingly gracefully bordered in the corners with panoramic windows. All living rooms have their own exits to the courtyard of the house. The kitchen is distinguished by its panoramic bay window, which is illuminated by daylight and cheers up any housewife during the preparation of a festive dinner for her family. The technical design of the house walls is not simple and requires careful calculation due to the corner windows. The choice of roof option can affect the choice of foundation. It is possible to change the material of the walls, but this will significantly affect the price of the entire construction.

Floor Plans

Plan Details

The house with single floor
Bedrooms: 2
Garage: no garage
Heated Area: 87 m2
Ground Floor Square: 87 m2
1st Floor Square: 0
Width: 11.84
Depth: 8.715
Roof: flat
Bathrooms: 1
Max Ridge Height 3
Wall materials: wood frame
Facade cladding: wood siding, stucco
Foundation: Crawl Space
Outdoor Living: Deck
Windows: large windows, panoramic windows, bay window