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Modern passive house plan for narrow lot with large windows

Georg Schauer
The model house Alpenchic is one of the most innovative model houses in Europe. It combines traditional, alpine elements and modern Bauhaus architecture in an impressive way. The landscape-typical shingle façade combined with generous glass surfaces is light and modern. This is underlined by filigree loggias and a postmodern input module. Alpenchic is also the first Minergie-A-ECO certified building in Germany and has been awarded the Sentinel Health Certificate. The groundbreaking also the planning and technical details and innovations - such as the recycling cellar, the self-sufficient energy concept with newly developed fuel cell technology and its own wind turbine or the LED lighting concept. A new, modern coziness - exemplary for climate-protective and 100% health-tested construction quality! 

This model house protected by white fir shingles instead of plaster or wooden cladding as usual. It shows consciously real Wood Architecture. The Oberammergauer Architect Georg Schauer is there with his design in a charming way, typical Bavaria's construction was transferred to the modern style.

In the garden, there is the wind tower, which is already a first indication of the highly efficient and forward-looking energy concept. For the first time in a German home, a fuel cell heater is used. Gas produced from natural gas operates the fuel cell together with air. It supplies the electricity and the energy for the heating. In addition to a buffer tank, a gas condensing boiler is integrated. It switches on at particularly high heat demand. Because a photovoltaic system and the wind turbine also generate energy, the high-heat-insulated efficient house generates 55% electricity. Electric cars and e-bikes can be recharged or electricity can be fed into the grid for a fee. Solar energy storage systems enable a largely self-sufficient energy supply.

On the long side, the pergola and the striking entrance module set focal points. They frame the centrally installed window area, which extends from the floor to below the eaves. The highlight: the reflecting surface is optically continued in a pond. Façade-protecting roof overhangs create a visible link to the alpine building tradition. The floor plan convinces through low traffic areas and individual room layout. Thanks to the designed fireplace stove, which separates the dining area from the reclining chair with shelf wall, and a floor-to-ceiling wall panel that separates the sofa area from the cooking zone, the ground floor offers perfect retreats. Room-long planks made of oiled ash provide plenty of comforts. Ceilings and some walls are covered with knot-free fir. Despite the many planks of wood, the design comes up with casual ease.

Different window formats open the house on all sides. Particularly attractive are the glass elements inside and the air space above the dining area. Both open up exciting horizontal and vertical visual references. A single-flight staircase leads to the attic. A three-part roof window illuminates the gallery. It opens up two children's rooms, the master bedroom - all with balcony access - and a large spa with sauna. It takes a gable side completely. The tub was taken in a wooden platform. It forms an optical unit with the washstand at the head end. Ceiling lights made of copper and a wooden ladder for the towels complete the interior in Alpine look.

Like every home from Baufritz, the new show house satisfies the highest standards of living comfort and sustainability. Chemical building materials and health-endangering materials were not used. The ecological high-tech architecture made from renewable woods instead stores over 50 tonnes of CO2. For a healthy climate, the insulation made of wood chips, either produced during production or come from controlled FSC-certified wood cultivation. The health concept of this design wooden house ensures that the residents can look forward to a guaranteed healthy indoor climate. The proof provides the Baufritz room air measurement shortly after moving in with a health certificate from an independent institute. A patented electrosmog protection level protects up to 98 percent of the external electromagnetic radiation. Alpenchic is the first German model house to receive the Swiss Minergie-A-Eco certificate for the outstanding building biology and energy overall concept. The "A" stands for zero energy houses. "Eco" guarantees the client that only healthy building materials were used. Also, the "gray energy" of a building from the production to the later dismantling flows into this evaluation. That is real climate protection.

The kitchen is separated from the sitting room by the wall. Simple open furniture, like open shelves and bookcases make living room's design airy and clean. 

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Plan Details

House двухэтажный
Bedrooms — три
Garage Type: without garage
Total Heated Area: 173 sq.m
1st Floor: sq.m
2nd Floor — sq.m
Dimensions — 12,43 x 8,83 м
Roof — gable roof
Wall framing — каркас
Cladding: shingles
Foundation type — Basement
Outdoor living: Deck, Patio, Second floor deck
Windows: panoramic windows
Сауна —

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