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Modern house plans

Modern style originated at the beginning of the 20th century, considering changes in construction technologies and the appearance of new materials. Architects and designers deliberately abandoned the complex details and ornate Victorian era. Today they continue to challenge themselves to create bold and bright house designs. Architects use straight lines of walls, flat or shed roofs, panoramic windows, and covered patios to create house designs in high-tech styles and minimalism. A modern house should not require much effort to operate. For the construction of a residential house, you can use all the known building materials and structures. Modern frame houses are most popular all over the world, thanks to their high energy efficiency. But here you can see modern brick houses, houses made of aerated concrete, monolithic houses, and houses from a bar. Facades are finished with durable plaster, horizontal wooden panels, facing brick or stone. New technologies for making windows allow the house to be light and warm, and sliding glass doors expand the living space beyond the walls of the house. Many house designs are accompanied by photo interiors.

Фасад дома Бумер

Modern one-story H-shaped house plan with terraces in the courtyards: Breeze

One-storey house in which you want to live: two large terraces in front and behind the house, 3 or 4 bedrooms, large living room and kitchen-dining…

15 Ideas For the Built-in Fireplace

A modern fireplace is both a room decoration and a necessity—ideas for modern decorating the wall, built-in a fireplace furnace.

Two-storey Modular Prefab House with a Pool: The Clovelly House

Two-story hi-tech house built in the factory and assembled on the site. It turned out a classy cottage with a swimming pool for the city—a project…

Modern timber house plans

We are used to houses made of timber with a gable roof and balconies. This is the traditional design of the Russian house, but today architects offer…

An Example of Finished Prefabricated House with 3 Bedrooms

Photo and layout of the prefabricated house in a modern high-tech style. House with three bedrooms and an open plan living area with panoramic windows…

Modern Frame House Plans

Young and intelligent people choose the designs of frame houses in a modern style. Here you will find several excellent designs of frame houses in…

Modern brick house plans

Modern brick house plans are not the most popular, because for the construction of a brick house it is necessary to spend a considerable amount of…

Contemporary brick house plans with a garage

Modern brick house plans with a garage is the choice of wealthy and held people. You are on the right track if you want to build a modern house made…

Modern two story house plans with photos

We present a series of two-story house plans with photo exteriors and interiors. The collection has a photo of the great room, kitchen-dining room,…

Two story house plans with a garage

If you are only thinking about buying a modern house plan, then consider the idea of ​​a two-storey house plan with a garage. There are different…

Modern two story house plans

If you are a practical person, then you should buy a two-story house plan, since having built a house, you will get a lot of advantages: from low…

Modern single-storey aerated concrete house plans

We present single-storey house plans made of autoclave aerated concrete blocks in a modern style. Houses made of aerated concrete, built without…


Single-storey house plan with a sauna and swimming pool on the site

Two-story modern house plan with a master bedroom on the first floor

Modern solar powered bungalow plan

Plan of a two-bedroom frame single-storey house

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